Still Here

Cross through the night / I looked down and lost my way my light / Brought to my knees / Though the dark surrounds, it pulls me down / I do not sink beneath // Still here / Staggering on / Through the impossible / We remain / I can breathe one more day / Still here / Still fighting on / All we have is today / Find my way / To the beauty of one more day / Still here // Hope fades away / When tomorrow holds no promises today / Then today I am set free / For amidst the tears, amongst the fear / I find the joy to be / Still here

Written by Max Hsu, Dave Ghazarian, Matt Dally, Tricia Brock, Melissa Brock
© 2010 DJ Spacemonkey Music/Dave Ghazarian Music/Matt Dally Music/Onegirl Music/VMK/ Whizbang Artists Music/(ASCAP)/Admin by Whizbang Artists Music