Let It Roll

Oh Mr. Worry, I hate how you lie to me / Always showing me the fears that might come to be / I can lose today in tomorrow's anxiety / Selling me the lie it was safe where we used to be / Honestly, I look back and see the truth / My whole life in the hands of God my proof / I hold to this truth I know / So the fear, I can let it go / So shh shh / Mr. Worry quiet down / 'Cause shh shh / You can never bring us down // We let it roll, we let it ride / We don't take it home / So we can sleep at night / We let it go, we let it slide / We don't take it home / So we can live our lives // Quick Mr. Anger, you know how to get to me / Always cut me off in the lane that's in front of me / Now you're in my head all day and you're running me / Now I'm at home yelling at my whole family / But when tomorrow comes I will see the truth / What I hold inside hurts only me, not you / So for the ones I love and know / Mr. Anger, I let you go / So shh shh / Mr. Anger quiet down / 'Cause shh shh / You can never bring us down /// Worry never never / Added a day to my life ever / It just robs me of today and brings me down / So come what may whatever / The truth has set me free forever / And the burdens of my life, I lay them down

Written by Max Hsu, Matt Dally, Dave Ghazarian, Tricia Brock
© 2010 DJ Spacemonkey Music/Matt Dally Music/Dave Ghazarian Music/Onegirl Music/(ASCAP)/Admin by Whizbang Artists Music